Bladder Cancer Awareness in July

bladdercancer-share,use,commercialMillennium Physicians Association wants to spread awareness of bladder cancer in the month of July. Here is some basic information to keep you aware.

The bladder is the hollow, flexible muscle that stores urine. When abnormal cells multiply without control to form malignant growths or cancerous tumors, physicians diagnose a patient with bladder cancer.

Types of bladder cancers are based on how their cells look microscopically. These different types of cancers can react in their own way to certain treatments. The most common type of bladder cancer is transitional cell carcinoma, which begins with cells lining the inside of the bladder.

Bladder cancers can also be categorized by how far they have invaded into the wall of the bladder. There are four main layers in the bladder wall. Non-invasive cancers will be in the inner layer of the bladder wall and have not grown into the deeper layers. Invasive bladder cancers are harder to treat and are more likely to spread the deeper they grow into the bladder wall. Tumors that grow into the second layer of the bladder wall are called the lamina propria or the connective tissue layer. Sometimes invasive cancer even reaches the actual bladder muscle, the third layer.

There is no definite way to prevent bladder cancer. The American Cancer Society has some suggestions to lower your risk. First, don’t smoke—it is believed that smoking causes around half of bladder cancer diagnoses in men and women. There is also evidence that limiting the exposure to certain chemicals in the work place, drinking a lot of fluids and eating fruits and vegetables can be preventative actions to take.

For more information on bladder cancer visit American Cancer Society, American Bladder Cancer Society or visit one of our Millennium Oncology locations.

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