Chemo Tip – Nausea

Nausea or vomiting is very common during chemotherapy. There are ways to avoid this symptom with or without medication. If medication is needed and prescribed by one of our physicians, Millennium Pharmacy can help you.

If you have an upset stomach as a chemo side effect, first here are some ways to feel better without any medication from

  • Drink Fluids throughout the day, like water or juice, and replace the fluids lost to avoid dehydration. Avoid caffeine.
  • Eat small amounts of food. Eat before you get too hungry and eat dry food first thing in the morning. Try to avoid high fatty or greasy foods that can upset your stomach during chemotherapy.
  • Be comfortable with your surroundings. Avoid strong odors and try to get fresh air after eating. Wear loose clothes. Avoid exercising or laying flat after eating.
  • Distract and relax to keep your mind off of chemotherapy.
  • Other ways to reduce nausea is to slowly increase the amount of food you eat to get back to you normal eating level. Avoid smoking. Suck on candy, popsicles or ice during chemo.

Call your Millennium physician or one of our locations if you continue to suffer from chemotherapy-based nausea despite medication you have taken.

Millennium Oncology cares about your chemotherapy treatment and the side effects that may come with it. During your chemo session you will receive a packet giving you more detail about different chemo side effects that may occur and how to manage them. But if you have any further questions, ask a nurse or doctor available to assist you.

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